Support of local initiatives

New requirements after the tsunami

Our primary mission after the tsunami was clearly defined: Homeopathic treatment of the physical and mental results of traumatic experiences and of the problems arising from the refugee camp life.

Already then, our goal was to attend to the wishes of the people. As guests coming from a wealthier country, we offer ideas and impulses, but we do not take decisions about what is implemented and how it is done.

The emergency aid being finished, our current work in Sri Lanka has become more complex. Together with our Sri Lankan partners and friends we develop ideas and support local initiatives for the evolution of homeopathy in the country. Depending on the projects, our support ranges from counseling, the procurement of contacts and initial funding up to completely taking over training costs.

Adapting our work to the new situation after the emergency aid entails that now we do not teach personally anymore. Qualified Sri Lankan colleagues take over homeopathic training projects with our professional and financial support, being paid the adequate local salary. This is an approach that seems appropriate both with regard to our policy of helping others to help themselves and on behalf of a responsible handling of donated funds.

At the moment we support the improvement of healthcare in remote regions. During laymen trainings first aiders are supposed to learn the basics of homeopathic first aid and then to apply them in their villages. Organized by our long-term local partner Sewalanka Foundation, Sri Lankan colleagues will carry out this training project. The training is fully financed by HOG.


bringing in a vast net to share the catch together
This traditional form of fishing is still practiced today in many places in Sri Lanka.

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This picture we found, among many other "good sayings" in the office of Sewa Lanka in Colombo

If you give me a fish, you have fed me for a day. If you teach me to fish, you have fed me until the water is polluted and the beach is taken for hotel development.
But if you teach me to organize, then whatever the challenge, I can join together with my community and we will develop our own solution.

(Motto of the Sewalanka Foundation, our partner organization in Sri Lanka)

HOG: Projekte seit 1997 - Fotos, Filme und Dokumentationen:

Maruthamunai Oktober 2010

Pausengespräche beim Homöopathie-Seminar in Kalmunai

Pandiruppu Oktober 2010

Fischerboot mit Ausleger, typisch in Sri Lanka

Jetavana Dagoba

Die größte Dagoba in der Tempelstadt Anuradhapura unter einem Gerüst aus Bambus, das alleine schon sehenswert ist.

Peraliya Community Health Center


Die Sri Lanka- Projektgruppe

Arbeitstreffen im August 2011 .

Homöopatie- Unterricht

Peraliya Community Health Center


Peraliya Community Health Center


Kalmunai April 2005

Der Tsunami schlug hier mit voller Wucht auf.

Arzneimittelspende von REMEDIA

Jeder Teilnehmer des Erste-Hilfe-Lehrgangs soll eine Box mit diesen wichtigsten homöopatischen Arzneimitteln an die Hand bekommen.

Homeopathic Seminar

Vorlesung über Grundlagen der Homöopathie: Dr. De Zoysa an der Ostküste

Dr. De Zoysa

Homöopathischer Arzt in Sri Lanka seit über 40 Jahren



Birgit Deißinger beschreibt der Direktorin von Sewalanka und den neuen Homöopathieschülern unseren Verein.

Islander Center

Einige Wochen im Jahr ist das idyllische Islander Center offen für Europäer, wenn sie zum Meditieren hierher kommen möchten.